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NoraRoberts-Books.com is a website dedicated to sharing my love of Nora Robert’s Books with others.  =)

As an avid Nora fan, I own well over 150 of Nora’s titles. I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed nearly every book…more than once. Some I’ve even had to pick up a few extra copies of (thank goodness for the re-releases!). But here are a few that I loved a bit more than others and here they are…

Carolina Moon

If you’re into a touch of mystical with a great murder mystery, this is the perfect Nora story for you. Carolina Moon is one of my favorites because of the deep romance that far exceeds the boundaries of long-time friendships and family. Definitely a must read.

Montanna Sky

Cowboys, beautiful romances (three total in this one!), and a wonderfully thought out murder mystery that keeps you twisted until the end…what more could you want? This is a magnificent example of the way Nora weaves a tale that draws you in and leaves you emotionally drained by the end.

The Reef

This adventurous tale centers on the mysteries found beneath the ocean—both the treasures of shipwrecks and those of finding love in the strangest places. There is a young love that is lost, but later returns and must be rebuilt. There’s a sense of detail that leaves your imagination tingling, and your heart sighing.


The part of this story that drew me in was the little girl turned woman dealing with a horrific death that she witnessed, yet doesn’t really remember all the way. It also didn’t hurt that the hero had been fascinated or even half in love with the girl for most of his life. It’s a true fairtale with the horrid parts that you don’t want to imagine being part of the “princess” life thrown in…

True Betrayals

Horses, again a wonderfully woven mystery, and gambling/racing…a terrific combination. I learned a great deal about horses by reading this story. It’s very detailed about the life of horse racing without overwhelming you, and it has a great romance and life journey for the heroine. I’d recommend this one for anyone willing to cry. 🙂

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